The Spanish gastronomic culture is one of our hallmarks. Our kitchen, year after year, becomes one of the biggest tourist attractions and a flagship of appeal. Without a doubt, the tapa is perhaps the best known of our gastronomy worldwide.

Spanish tapas find their origin in the time of Alfonso X el Sabio. The establishments were obliged to serve the wine with some food, which was “covered” in a glass or the jar to avoid that some unexpected visitor would end up in the wine.

In the PUIG CAMPANA RESTAURANT we celebrate every year on June 15, to give a quality touch to tapas in Cala de Finestrat.


  • Potato omelette, cover par excellence. With or without onion, it seems clear that the omelette is the most consumed Spanish tapa. It is one of the great claims in the restoration that is dedicated exclusively to tapas.

At Parker Meridien restaurant in New York, we will surely find the most expensive omelette in the world. About 1000 euros separate you from enjoying it.

  • Free or paid tapas? Depending on where we are in our geography, there is a custom or not to incorporate a free cover with a drink. Of course, a quality cap as a rule will always be paid
  • What do we spend on tapas a year? On average, each Spaniard spends between 1800-2000 euros a year in bars. Our climate and our open character make going out for tapas one of the best leisure options.
  • Granada, the queen of tapas. This Andalusian city has an exclusive tapas culture. There is no bar in Granada that does not incorporate tapas with a drink; Furthermore, some bars incorporate a tapas menu where the client chooses the tapas he wants.

If you do not know where to eat in Cala de Finestrat every June 15, come to our restaurant and we will celebrate together the day of the tapa.

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¡Reserva tu mesa!
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