The essence of the sea and the infinite cult of fresh fish, make the kitchen of the Puig Campana restaurant, holy and sign of fish in Benidorm. For us, the month of July is one of the most important months, where thousands of people come in search of our reputation for good fish.

Our regular customers always start their visit with the question, what fish do you have today? That’s right, the only way to enjoy the best fresh fish in the area every day is to select it daily from the best suppliers. And in this, TOLO LLINARES never fails due to experience and the love with which he does things.

If we combine all this, one of the most famous terraces in Benidorm and the hands of LOLA MOYA in the kitchen, success at the table is guaranteed.


  • Redfish. The redfish is one of the fish preferred by our customers. Fish from the area that “fried” is a true delight on the palate.

  • Mere. A regular in our kitchen and if it is mere fish it is wild much better.

  • Sea bream. A sea bream with salt on our terrace on the beachfront, is a unique experience to dine in Benidorm in a different way.

  • Dentex. Bay fish par excellence, of which giving a single recipe is complicated. Every time this fish is in our house we give it a special touch, which makes it one of our clients’ favorites.

Today we also invite you to see this link where TVE visited our house and while you are there, take some tricks to make a fantastic seafood stew.

Remember that we are waiting for you on our terrace on the beachfront to enjoy the best fish in the whole Benidorm area

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¡Reserva tu mesa!
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