To speak of fish in Benidorm is to speak of the RESTAURANTE PUIG CAMPANA. Fish has always been one of our hallmarks, and we select the best fish for our clients on a daily basis.

The benefits of fish are indisputable and we try to bring them to the table of our clients. But it is not only important that the fish is of quality, but that its preparation is professional and here our chef Lola never disappoints.



  • Extra protein supply. We are facing one of the food products that provide the most protein to our body.
  • Reduce the cholesterol. Fish like grouper are an excellent regulator of cholesterol and the cardiovascular function of our body.
  • Easy digestion. In contrast to the heaviness of meat, for example, fish is a product that is easily digested and facilitates intestinal transit. On our terrace it is undoubtedly the star dish for dining in Benidorm on the beachfront.
  • It is a product with great dietary benefits. Without a doubt, this is one of its great benefits. It is possible to combine good flavor and care of the figure, with the intake of fish due to its low calorie intake. Visiting our restaurant and enjoying the best fish in Benidorm is more than recommended to maintain your figure.
  • Contribution of OMEGA-3. In addition to helping reduce cholesterol. OMEGA-3 also helps lower triglycerides.

The VILLAJOYOSA FISHERMEN’S BROTHERHOOD is one of our main suppliers of fish. We always bet on fresh products of the highest quality and for this we put ourselves in the hands of this brotherhood.

Do not hesitate, if you want a unique gastronomic experience in Benidorm and enjoy the best fish in the area, visit us and you will not forget a unique evening on the beachfront.

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¡Reserva tu mesa!
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