In our menu we pay tribute to Mediterranean seafood cuisine, with big range of rice, fresh fish and seafood, selecting the best ingredients of every season to satisfy the taste of our customers.

To start with…

Seafood salad 8€
Sauteed cuttlefish with garlic sprouts 17€
Battered cuttlefish 14€
Battered squid rings, fresh from the bay 14€
Grilled squid, fresh from the bay 14€
Octopus, grilled on burning embers 17€
Fried Stingray 12€
Homemade lobster croquettes 14€
Tataki with “Balfego” red tuna fish 15€
Red “Balfego” tuna fish tartar 17€
Marinated wild sea bass 14€
Cod Capaccio 9€
Meat tataki 18€
Foie micuit 12€
Fresh foie roasted with apple 17€
Cheeseboard 15€
Lobster Sandwic 15€
Royale Scallops 15€

*Service of Bread with All i oli 2€


Salads and Vegetables

Special salad (traditional) 10€
Salad with fruit 10€
Lobster salad 22€
Raf tomato salad with tuna belly 14€
Artichoke with dark truffles 15€
Fresh sauteed artichokes with cuttlefish 15€
“Escalivada alicantina” (smoky grilled vegetables) with tuna belly 12€
“Escalivada alicantina” (smoky grilled vegetables) with goast’s cheese 12€
Pumpkin Cream 10€


Sells and Shellfish

Steamed mussels 8€
Steamed cockles 9€
Oysters Gillardeau 5€/ud
Shrimp (200g) 20€
Red Prawns (200g) 20€
Crayfish (250g) 20€
Grilled lobster 18€
Seafood Platter 1 person 48€


Seafood paella 15€
Mixed paella (chicken & seafood) 15€
“Puig Campana” paella (with red tuna, squid and artichokes), Paella or broth 15€
Monkfish and crayfish paella 15€
Monkfish and crayfish paella. Paella or broth 15€
Rice “a banda” (served with freshly cooked fish) 15€
Rice “Senyoret” (fish and seafood) 15€g
Black rice 15€
Rice with chicken 12€
Rice broth with octopus 15€
Rice broth with lobster 19€
Fideuá 15€



You can find daily in our restaurant fresh fish, captured with harpoons, and from our local fish markets. Dentex, White Sea Bream, Bass, Red Sea Bream, etc…

Oven baked fish, fresh from the bay 50€/kg
Fresh fish from the bay, oven baked in salt 50€/kg
Sailor’s style monkfish 18€
Red tuna fish “Balfego” 18€
Grilled sole 17€
Grilled turbot 16€
Turbot with prawn sauce and white wine 19€
Norwegian salmon with champagne 16€
Lobster sandwich 18€
Royale Scallops 15€
Lobster “Beurre Blanc & Caviar” 21

*Service of bread with All i Oli 2€



Entrecote, from supreme Galician beef 20€
Fillet steak, from supreme Galician beef 22€
Fillet steak with foie and “Pedro Ximénez” sauce 25€
Baby lamb chops 17€
Baby lamb chops sauteed with garlic sprouts 18€
Cordon Blue with Gorgonzola sauce 17€
Duck breast fillet with cherry sauce 17€
Fillet of iberian pork with mushrooms sauce 17€
Galician beef t-bone steak, matured for 50 days, 1 Kg, For 2 people 45€



To choose from our wide variety of homemade desserts.


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¡Reserva tu mesa!
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